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Bernadette Marcias At Bombay Beach, CA

My wife and I took the 3 hour drive from Victorville, CA to Bombay Beach, Ca. We took the back route through Lucerne Valley down to Yucca Valley and then the I10. They announced the temperature for the day on the radio and it was going to be a high of 122. Thinking the session starts at 10:00 am this wasn't going to be to bad. We finally arrived at Bombay Beach, 10 minutes early and I let Ms. Marcias know that we arrived. Stepped outside to stretch and seen flies as big as quarters flying around. They where huge!!! Ms. Marcias arrived and we drove to the first location. The temps where rising, fast. The first place was the drive innj movie theater. After watching Photo Me Ike on YouTube, I wanted to get some images of the cars and theater sign. The second place was a house with graffiti inside and out. We did the jacket from Florence and Fern, an Australia based clothing designer. Then we moved to another house and Ms Marcias wore an dress from Oh Polly. The graffiti on the wall there was an orange face and the red dress just popped out. We wrapped up there and did the last part of the session on the beach area were the metal structure is. They was a wall that we started off on, to the end of the session on the beach area. Ms Marcias is awesome. Thank you for coming out during a heat wave to do the session. The temperature when we finishe was at 117 degrees.

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