• Harvell

Jody at Horseman Center Park

Jody, who just won 3 trophies at the NPC Iron Games 2019 in Culver City, Ca decided to come out and do a photography session at the local park that over looks Apple Valley, Ca. She is really amazing and one of the hardest working person I know. She very dedicated and discipline to workout. Meal prep and able take the time to get comfortable in front of a camera to do a session. The session started at the base of the rocks there. Then we decided we might as well climb and get images that overlooked the desert. Sunset was approaching and I knew the colors from the sky will look amazing with her outfits from Til You Collapse IG: @tilyoucollapse Website: #TYC and Cute Booty Lounge IG: @cutebootylounge Webesite: . I used Flashpoint strobes for this session and Cheetahstand Modifiers. We are very happy and excited that you did an amazing job. A great and bright future is ahead, We also see more wins in the future!!! #npc #binikicompetitor #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals

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