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Sheree Maternity

During pregnancy, women go through so many changes. Physically and emotionally. As a photographer and being able to document one of the most important events in a woman life is honorary and a privilege.

The first part of the session took place on a dry lakebed. The white pregnancy slipped to show her baby bump. The location was chosen due to where we live at. It helps to keep the attention to her. Then we moved to a new location. Her husband is a firefighter for Riverside County, and she wanted to bring her husband life involve. She placed on his heavy Turn Out Uniform on and went into an abandon building. Displaying his life.

Then a few days later we all met up at a creek to do the family session of the maternity session. It was towards the evening and we wanted to have the mountains and the water of the creek. With the family all together, I was able to capture the emotion of all of them. The husband loves images from Ansel Adams and we want to bring everything for their vision.

The documentation of love and family together is important to the emotional support of pregnancy. As a photographer to document that and when they see the photographs and the Joy they experience is well worth the time and effort to bring everything together.

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